St. George's Church, Telford

Job Date: June 2022 Project Duration: 3 Days Job Value: £8,800.00 Project Type: Interior Lighting

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The lighting within the Chancel at St. George’s Church in Telford was in need of some much needed improvement. Previously, domestic LED floodlights had been fitted in an effort to increase the level of illumination. These proved to be ineffective and provided a low level of washed out unflattering light, leaving the Sanctuary and Altar looking rather gloomy. The existing fittings were removed, and new lighting track was installed, as per the request of the DAC’s lighting adviser. We then installed a mixture of Medium and Narrow beam LED projector spots to provide general illumination to the Chancel and Choir Stalls along with focussed Illumination on the High Altar. A total of 12 Wide beam LED projector spots were installed to illuminate the roof space. The existing switches were replaced with rotary dimmers, to provide some control over the new light fittings. Existing wiring was re-used as this was tested and found to be fit for future use, saving the cost of re-wiring. The client was overwhelmed with the increase in lighting levels, and at least the choir can now see their music!

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