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We have a wealth of experience in the planning, design and installation of interior lighting for Church Buildings across London, St Albans, Southwark, Ely, Oxford, Peterborough and Coventry Diocesan areas.
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While they are often architecturally beautiful, the majority of churches were not originally built with the idea of optimum lighting in mind. Although most of these buildings now have some form of electrical lighting in place, many are outdated or unfit for purpose, ranging from systems that are insufficient for the scale of the building to those that drench a congregation with light more suited to an office block.

Installing the optimum lighting within a Church environment couldn’t be more important.

Aside from enabling the occupants to see and read clearly, effective lighting enhances communication between the preacher and the congregation, is part of the symbolic nature of a church as a place of light and creates the kind of ambience that gives everyone a rewarding spiritual experience.

At Church Lighting Systems, we work with you and your building to ensure your interior lighting meets your requirements exactly.

Our approach begins by establishing the environment in which your congregation wish to worship, taking into account the different ways in which you may use your church – for instance the type of service, community groups events and concerts. Next, we look at the building itself to determine how much existing natural light there is, what electrical systems are already in place, the architectural features of the church and any historic considerations.

We then design and install an interior lighting system that responds to both of these elements. Our solutions can include:

  • Using emphasis and modelling techniques (creating contrasts of shape, colour, depth, light and shade) to draw attention to specific areas within a church such as the Altar, Pulpit, Choir Stalls, Font or Lectern.
  • Providing discreet illumination which highlights architectural features, works effectively by day or night and plays its part in aiding services and other events at the church.
  • Providing easy-to-use controls that allow for dimming, scene setting and for the focus of interest within the church to change as appropriate. We can pre-programme control panels to levels that meet the requirements of your entire church calendar so all you have to do is push a button.
  • Working within your budget to offer high standards of workmanship and a wide selection of quality fixtures and fittings. For most church installations, we recommend a LED lighting system which is, undoubtedly the most cost-efficient, controllable, eco-friendly and maintenance free option. LED luminaires last on average up to 50,000 hours! The equivalent of 48 years if used for 20 hours per week.
  • Ensuring your installation is compliant with BS 7671, adheres to all building regulations and is completed in a way that minimises disruption to the daily life of the church and its local community.
  • Offering on-going maintenance, support and periodic electrical testing as required. Ultimately, our goal is to provide your church with interior lighting that is harmonious with the building, its purpose, its people and their faith.
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